My College Bucket List

See what good things can come of bucket lists?

Whether it’s meant to be serious, funny or nostalgic, making a bucket list gives us a reason to think about what really matters. We think of the biggest dreams we can imagine for ourselves, write them down on a great “What if…” list, and then lose it or forget about it somewhere. But just for a minute, let’s think about what it would take to make them happen. Whether we want to live in another country, scale a famous mountain, or record with a major label, these goals reflect who we are and what we value. But very few people wake up one day and just decide to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. We knock things off our bucket list by achieving really small goals that will eventually help us reach our long-term goals.

In order to make sure you’re getting the most out of your time at college, you’ll need to start with some idea of what you want to come away with. Envision yourself four years from now…what do you want to have learned and experienced by the time the “real world” hits? What did you always imagine college would be?

Here is my college bucket list:
• Learn a foreign language
• Volunteer
• Be a mentor
• Visit another country during spring/summer/winter break
• Hold a leadership position in a club or organization
• Win the prank war with my roommate
• Get a job related to my major
• Join an honor society
• Argue over the existence of Central Jersey
• Make someone’s day, every day

Challenge: next to each goal, write one small step you are going to take right now to start making your dreams a reality!

>>What’s on your college bucket list?


About FemWriter

FemWriter is a dedicated unlearner, privilege caller-outer, language finicker, and aspiring professional feminist.
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