ChaCha gender fail

So most of you have heard of the phone/internet service ChaCha, where you text any question to 242-242 and get an accurate reply back, ad-sponsored. I want to recount a funny conversation I had with their bot, just now. Well, it was funny for me. It was a sneakiness fail.

“Hey, b4 we answer, pls help us personalize ChaCha to better meet ur needs. Just answer 4 short Qs! — Q1. What is your gender? Txt MALE or FEMALE back to us (sic)”

“Gender is a social construct. Only being able to and needing to choose male or female is no longer considered good research methodology.”

“Chick flick or wrestling?”

Tricky tricky, ChaCha. We’re on to you.


About FemWriter

FemWriter is a dedicated unlearner, privilege caller-outer, language finicker, and aspiring professional feminist.
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