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FemWriter is a dedicated unlearner, privilege caller-outer, language finicker, and aspiring professional feminist.

Disability Justice and Reproductive Justice: CLPP Recap

This weekend was my first time experiencing the amazing and inspiring Civil Liberties and Public Policy (CLPP) conference at Hampshire College…and just in time for its THIRTIETH anniversary (commemorated by three large dance break-outs/parties in just two days). I’ve honestly … Continue reading

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The girl you just called fat?

There’s a new anti-bullying facebook status being reposted that I think is really great. It goes like this:  The Girl you just called fat? She has been starving herself & has lost over 30lbs. The Boy you called stupid, he … Continue reading

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Part I: Unpacking racial privilege and entitlement

This semester I’ve been going to meetings for a club associated with our Black Student Union, and it’s been eye-opening in so many ways. As someone who’s personally committed to understanding and deconstructing my own privilege, it’s important that I … Continue reading

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Who decides children’s personal boundaries?

Children are more often denied the opportunity to consent in situations where it would be very appropriate. Children, collectively, are frequently and summarily denied rights that they would be entitled to if they were older. I’m talking about decisions everyone has a right to make about their personhood. Continue reading

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Don’t just talk to your kids about consent; practice it

The simplest thing we can do to teach children about consent is to model it through their relationships with US. If guardians and people close to them ask their consent before being touched, kissed, moved about, etc.; this will be the way they interact with other people in their life. […] Consent is not just about sex, it’s about a culture in which people are entitled to decide when, where, how, and whom they interact with in an intimate way. Continue reading

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The feminist on/off switch

I can’t afford to be selective about when and where I challenge paradigms that dominate. The point is that they dominate – if I give an inch, they can take a mile just with sheer momentum. […] If I can reasonably sustain myself, I don’t get to take a break JUST BECAUSE IT’S HARD. […] Dealing with these things at home is, in a sense, really getting inside my own head. Continue reading

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You’re skinny, eat whatever you want

As someone who’s always been considered of average weight and benefits from size privilege, I have always been perceived to be healthy. Like most people, I could write a list of ways my body doesn’t conform to a certain ideal … Continue reading

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