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Part I: Unpacking racial privilege and entitlement

This semester I’ve been going to meetings for a club associated with our Black Student Union, and it’s been eye-opening in so many ways. As someone who’s personally committed to understanding and deconstructing my own privilege, it’s important that I … Continue reading

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My College Bucket List

See what good things can come of bucket lists? Whether it’s meant to be serious, funny or nostalgic, making a bucket list gives us a reason to think about what really matters. We think of the biggest dreams we can … Continue reading

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Freshie’s First Steps: Beginning My Career Exploration Process

I take a deep breath and pause outside the doorway, toeing the line on the floor that marks my entry from the linoleum hallway to the warm, expectant room. “I’m just a freshman,” I think, “I don’t belong here yet!” … Continue reading

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