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Compliments and beauty standards

Commenting on others’ appearances is strongly ingrained into our culture, almost unthinkingly so. Friends are supposed to do it. Family feels it’s their job to do it. Strangers think it’s nice to do it. We comment on others’ appearances as a way of socializing each other, of helping each other find a way to ‘fit in’ and sometimes, preparing for the judgment we will face in the outside world. But this is a reactive approach to dismantling lookism and promoting body acceptance. Continue reading

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Breaking out of the gender box

In order to conform to male gender proscriptions – the social expectations of masculinity – men must reject everything feminine. Remember that what is masculine inherently can’t be feminine, since they are “opposite” things. In order to be masculine, men must embrace heterosexuality and reject other sexualities. Continue reading

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You suck!

I believe that language always has meaning, and it sometimes has implicit or subconscious meaning that we’re not even aware of. Because we live in a culture of patriarchy, I’ve had to teach myself to question the things that I … Continue reading

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A rant about gendered insults

A group of friends and I have been on a year-long crusade to find feminist insults. Not to say to someone’s face, mind you, but sometimes you just want a word that really makes you feel powerful. And I’ve run … Continue reading

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ChaCha gender fail

So most of you have heard of the phone/internet service ChaCha, where you text any question to 242-242 and get an accurate reply back, ad-sponsored. I want to recount a funny conversation I had with their bot, just now. Well, … Continue reading

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