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Who decides children’s personal boundaries?

Children are more often denied the opportunity to consent in situations where it would be very appropriate. Children, collectively, are frequently and summarily denied rights that they would be entitled to if they were older. I’m talking about decisions everyone has a right to make about their personhood. Continue reading

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Too close to home: Queerness and female objectification

As a Women’s/Gender Studies major and as, well, myself, I’ve learned a lot about the way women dehumanized through the commodification of our bodies.  But although I’ve learned a lot about the way men objectify women and the way women … Continue reading

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Breaking out of the gender box

In order to conform to male gender proscriptions – the social expectations of masculinity – men must reject everything feminine. Remember that what is masculine inherently can’t be feminine, since they are “opposite” things. In order to be masculine, men must embrace heterosexuality and reject other sexualities. Continue reading

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A ‘bi’ by any other name

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while because it’s something that really bothers me. I was having a conversation about my recent semi-coming-out with someone who identifies as lesbian, in which I confirmed that I was queer. She … Continue reading

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